The cost of living in Columbus is well below the national average affording residents to enjoy a variety of housing options at competitive prices. From the charm and elegance of the High Uptown Historic District and Midtown to the beautiful farms of Harris County, the Greater Columbus Region offers something for everyone.

Urban living in greater Columbus means easy access to all the amenities of Uptown Columbus and Phenix City, Alabama.  Enjoy the urban lifestyle of historic architecture, modern amenities, and great open spaces. The area offers a sophisticated, fun and low maintenance lifestyle with restaurants, entertainment, the Chattahoochee RiverWalk, churches, schools, and events all close by. Earn more about Uptown Columbus at www.uptowncolumbusga.com

One of the region’s most prominent neighborhoods is the area known as MidTown. Six (6) National Register Historic Districts—one of the largest contiguous districts in the country—form the heart of MidTown. Its tree-lined streets wander through ante-bellum estates, 1930s and ‘40s bungalow districts, parks, mid-20th-century ranch neighborhoods, and some of the city’s earliest and recently revitalized shopping centers. To learn more about MidTown, visit www.midtowncolumbusga.org.