Financial Services

financial iconThe Columbus Region is a hotbed of financial services in Georgia, whether in the realms of banking, insurance, or credit card processing. The region is home to such major industry players as Aflac and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (insurance), TSYS (credit card processing), Synovus (banking), and smaller industry innovators such as Delta Data (investment servicing software). Because of its cluster of financial processing operations, Columbus has been called the "back-office to the world:'

Most people are unaware that about 70% of all U.S. financial transactions are processed through Georgia­ based systems, including those of the Columbus Region. In Georgia, the financial services/financial technology industry processes more than 100 billion transactions per year representing more than $2 trillion in purchase volume, and employs more than 30,000 in the state and over 130,000 globally.

Georgia is home to a highly-skilled workforce and a sophisticated technology infrastructure, including the largest fiber optic intersection in the nation. Along with a culture of collaboration that exists between business and government, it is clear why several media outlets rank Georgia as the #1 state to do business.

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