Business Resources

Columbus provides a variety of business resources to help us provide companies with the tools they need to succeed.  Our team of professionals will work with you and our partners to identify state and local resources that best meet the needs of your specific project.  Some of the more common business resources include:

  • Sites and Buildings. Our searchable database of Sites and Buildings provides businesses with the most recent information for location throughout our Region.  Additionally, several local development authorities including the Development Authority of Columbus, Georgia, offer shovel-ready sites for timely development.
  • Job Tax Credits. Companies creating new jobs in Columbus may be eligible to received Georgia Job Creation Tax Credits.  The amount of tax savings for each new job created depends on these two factors – how many jobs created and where.  Learn more about Job Tax Credits 
  • Georgia Quick Start. The State’s signature program, Georgia Quick Start, is a free customized training program for new and expanding companies in Georgia.  It is provided by the Technical College System of Georgia and can be conducted in classrooms, mobile labs, or on site at the company. Learn more about Georgia Quick Start
  • Tax Exemptions. Tax Exemptions help Georgia businesses invest in what is needed most to expand and profit.  Georgia Tax Exemptions take two primary forms: Sales Tax and Use Tax Exemption and Inventory Tax Exemption. Learn more about Tax Exemptions 
  • Expedited Permitting. An accelerated timeline for obtaining necessary permits and providing a reduction in the fees normally assessed for permits may be arranged based upon project scope.
  • Project Management Team. Each project team is customized to provide the appropriate personnel to assist the company officials through the site selection process. Learn more at (link to staff section)
  • Utility Assistance. The Region offers competitive priced utilities for growing the Region’s industries and businesses.  Georgia Power delivers nationally recognized reliable electricity to much of the Region. Liberty Utilities offers abundant natural gas to communities throughout West Central Georgia.  Columbus Water Works has abundant available water and waste water services throughout Columbus and the surrounding areas.  Additionally, Flint Energies provides electrical service to certain areas of the Region.
  • Property Tax Savings. Investments financed through industrial revenue bonds may provide significant savings to companies for new investments in facilities and equipment.