Columbus 2025, The Plan for a Thriving Community

3 Sep 2018

Columbus 2025 is a unique and inclusive vision for not only the people living and working in Columbus, but for those who interact with our community on a regular basis. We are proud of our community but always know that there is room for continued growth and improvement.

The Columbus 2025 plan is ambitious but we are confident that our passionate group of citizens and leaders can achieve its goals. The plan aims to reduce poverty, increase prosperity, and improve the quality of life for every individual in the Columbus area. We believe in addressing these challenges with the knowledge that we can overcome any obstacle. When we reach these goals, we will set new ones.

We are a diverse community of life-long learners, and we know that with our continued success and growth, we can influence other communities to succeed alongside us. Columbus 2025 is an ambitious plan, but one we know we are capable of achieving. Learn more about Columbus 2025 at here.