Fort Moore and The Maneuver Center Of Excellence

Columbus is home to Fort Moore (formerly Fort Benning) and The Maneuver Center of Excellence, which is a significant competitive advantage in Columbus’ efforts to attract new industry. Fort Moore is the nation’s fifth largest military base and plays a pivotal role in the CHIPS4CHIPS effort. Fort Moore employs more than 45,000 in Columbus with a breadth and depth of education, military technical training, and leadership experience.

Fort Moore’s Career Skills Programs (CSP) are designed to help transitioning personnel with the next step in their career. A CSP curriculum can be developed for working in a chip fab. This upskilling can be done in partnership with private industry and an institution of higher education and potentially supported by Georgia’s renowned Quick Start training program. Plus, Georgia is one of the top states for transitioning veterans. This makes the Chattahoochee Valley a compelling location for semiconductor companies, as many of them aim to hire military veterans.

Over the past five years, Fort Moore has transitioned an annual average of 2,300 soldiers back to civilian life.

Georgia consistently ranks within the top five soldier veteran destination states.