Advancing the Region

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Leaders across the Chattahoochee Valley have a vision for Columbus to become the southeast leader in the growth of U.S. semiconductor manufacturing.

The work to achieve this vision is underway now, driven by the Chattahoochee Hub for Innovation and the Production of Semiconductors (CHIPS4CHIPS).

Why Semiconductors?  

The semiconductor industry is projected to increase to $1 trillion in annual revenue by 2030 and will add more than 100,000 jobs in the U.S.  

Growth stimulated by the bipartisan CHIPS & Science Act is opening the door for locations like Columbus to seize a once-in-a generation opportunity to attract family-sustaining jobs and capital investment.


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January 23, 2024: Columbus lands manufacturing company affiliated with MIT, Georgia Tech technology incubators | WRBL

Why Columbus?  

The Columbus region has the right ingredients for semiconductor manufacturing and packaging operations:  

  • A nearly unlimited water supply
  • Affordable and diverse energy sources
  • Available land
  • A skilled workforce and growing talent pipeline
  • Community support and a business-focused team

The CHIPS4CHIPS coalition, comprised of leaders across the region, is mobilized and serving semiconductor companies with location solutions.  


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Ben Moser     
CHIPS4CHIPS Chair