Why the Columbus Region?

Columbus has several advantages for semiconductor and packaging operations  that, in combination, no other U.S. location can offer: 

The Nation’s #1 State Business Climate 

Georgia offers advantages that lead numerous experts to rank the state as the nation’s #1 business climate. Georgia is also among the most competitive U.S. states for manufacturing when considering operating costs, market access, and availability of talent.  

High Water Capacity

“Columbus doesn’t need permits to expand water capacity. We have it now,” said Steve Davis, Columbus Water Works. “We’ve got 30 million gallons a day of available clean drinking water.”

A Significant Veteran Population  

Columbus is home to Fort Moore, and Georgia ranks in the top five most popular states for transitioning veterans,  attracting approximately 3,400 annually. This results in strong alignment between the semiconductor industry’s in-demand technical skills and those prevalent in the  Chattahoochee Valley workforce.  

Georgia Tech, One of the World’s Foremost Electrical Engineering Institutions 

A leader in semiconductor-related education and sponsored research, Georgia Tech provides world-class capability for the entire state of Georgia, and is working in partnership with CHIPS4CHIPS.

A Global Gateway that Offers Flexibility  and Accessibility 

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, just 90  minutes from Columbus, has non-stop passenger flights to  230 destinations in 45 countries. 

A Vibrant Place to Live 

Area residents enjoy the opportunities and amenities of a large city, including cultural attractions, world-class outdoor experiences, renowned dining, and affordable housing— with an overall cost of living 25% lower than the U.S. average.  

Semiconductor Industry Growth 

Companies like Micron and Absolics have announced substantial investments in Georgia, validating the state’s broad technical capabilities.

Community Support and a Business-Focused team

Columbus is mobilized and working quickly to serve semiconductor companies, with a growing coalition focused on supporting industry needs. 

“We’ve made Columbus our headquarters because it gives us a competitive advantage to attract talent to this community. There’s a quality of life here that you don’t have in larger cities. Supporting and helping businesses grow is in the DNA of this community.”