CHIPS4CHIPS is a growing nonprofit coalition of more than 200 Georgia and Alabama public, private, civic, and academic leaders who have come together to maximize the opportunity to grow the regional economy. CHIPS4CHIPS is mobilized and advancing strategies that will meet semiconductor location demands:

Site Exploration and Evaluation

Local chambers, site location experts, and economic development partners are working to create an inventory of sites suitable for the industry.

Education and Workforce Development

Georgia and Alabama research universities, regional universities, historically Black colleges and universities, community and technical colleges, and K-12 school systems have come together to ensure the long-term availability of a skilled workforce.

Federal, State, and Local Support

Outreach is ongoing to federal, state, and local officials to keep them apprised of planning and industry needs that can be supported by grants, incentives, and policy.

Marketing and Business Development

Local marketing leaders, national place branding experts, and site location experts are working together to promote the Columbus region’s advantages to decision-makers in the semiconductor industry.

The Life-Changing Power of a Job

The semiconductor industry’s need for talent intersects with Columbus’ ambition to reduce poverty, build the economy, and transform our region. Employment helps create economic stability for individuals. It will make the Chattahoochee Valley economy more resilient, ensure the success of large and small businesses, foster vibrant communities, diversify the local tax base, and support families.