Preparing our Workforce to be Success Ready

28 May 2018

With a plan in a place to continue growing a high-achieving workforce, the Columbus 2025 plan begins with a focus on the youth. From the early years of education to the days leading up to graduation, our public school system works to foster a generation of leaders and innovators.

Post graduation, Columbus, Georgia provides all of the necessary tools for workforce success. With Columbus State University among some of our post-secondary options, in addition to our nationally ranked workforce training programs, the educational opportunities are here for students to take advantage of. Plus, we work with local business leaders to determine what skills are required for their workforce and ensure the workforce training tools are available to meet those goals and demands. There is no shortage of talent, skill, or drive among our workforce so if you are looking to grow or start a business, consider locating in the Columbus region.

Columbus is Success Ready and you can read more about this important initiative here.