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Columbus Has Talent

January 24, 2024

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Columbus, Georgia has manufacturing, healthcare, engineering, and financial services talent. Plus, 2,500 soldiers transition out of Fort Moore each year and many want to stay in Columbus, Georgia with their families. Tap into this unlimited supply of talent and benefit from an Army program that pays for transitioning service members to work for your company. That’s #NoRiskHiring  The Columbus, Georgia region is home to Columbus State, Troy University, Columbus Technical College, and Mercer Medical School - educational institutions that are producing reliable workers who know how to get the job done.

Choose Columbus, Georgia. We have shovel-ready sites and available buildings, A strategic location with diverse transportation assets, a strong utility supply, an educated workforce, and amenities to make your business thrive. Visit www.ChooseColumbusGA.com for site information and no-cost assistance.  #AbundantWater #ShovelReadySite #ChooseColumbus #AffordableBusinessLocation #GrowingWorkforce