Columbus Chamber of Commerce RFP: Regional Industrial Mobility Positioning and Viability Economic Development Assessment

Columbus Chamber of Commerce RFP: Regional Industrial Mobility Positioning and Viability Economic Development Assessment Main Photo

31 Mar 2021


As we pursue the next level of competitiveness in economic development and growth for the Columbus Georgia region, we are seeking an individual or firm to engage as a technical subject matter expert(s) to assess, model and provide recommendations related to the feasibility of the various components of logistics sector infrastructure (existing or not) and their impact on success in all categories of economic development (i.e. Cargo hub, advanced manufacturing, aerospace). Consider the following:

  • Interstate and other highway connectivity including the future potential of I-14.
  • Advancing infrastructure and capability to support and grow cargo throughput, including rail, truck, river and air cargo.
  • Capacity to have an impact on overall industry in the super-region via strategically located inland port facilities.
  • Fiscally constrained approach to success in viable areas.
  • Consider regional connectivity and impacts in the Greater Columbus Area (Muscogee, Harris, Chattahoochee, Marion and Talbot counties), MSA, CSA and possibly southeast regional.

Our goal is to enhance the Columbus GA region’s viability in industry areas that grow jobs, private investment, business opportunities and connectivity to large southeast regional economic engines (ex. large manufacturers, ports and other economic activity).


List, define and analyze logistics assets in Muscogee County and the surrounding region to include highway, airport, rail and other reasonable and contributing infrastructure.

Conduct high level financial modeling to estimate public revenue growth, wage growth, regional/state impact and cost impact of advancing logistics supporting assets.

Assess and detail competitive advantage(s) gained or lost for enhancing or advancing any of the previously mentioned logistics categories.

Outline necessary support required to achieve success in any of the recommended categories.

Identify appropriate funding mechanisms to support advancement of any recommendations and deal closing for future logistics deals.

Identify underutilized or un-used assets. Include options for cargo, inland ports, rail served sites, and key roads.

Identify required partnerships (local, regional, State and Federal).

We place a very high value on regional perspective addressed via this proposal and responses. Our region includes but isn’t limited to Muscogee, Harris, Talbot, Marion, Chattahoochee, Russell and Stewart Counties.


Expected outcomes and deliverables:

  • Comprehensive final report
  • Powerpoint, PDF Report, Excel spreadsheets of analyses and related diagrams to support presentation of the findings
  • List of strategy and actionable recommendations
  • Regularly scheduled briefings while work is in progress
  • All source materials
  • Applicable infrastructure maps and maps of proposed scenarios
  • Outline of toolkit required for success


It is our expectation that this work will take 60 days or less unless otherwise agreed upon.

Proposals are due by noon (12:00 p.m.) on Wednesday April 7, 2021 and should be submitted via email to Jerald Mitchell at and Brian Sillitto at